Q&A with Marie-José Raymond and Claude Fournier, co-directors of Éléphant: The Memory of Québec Cinema, a large-scale, non-profit project to restore, digitize and make available Québec's cinematic heritage

Francophone country boy and aspiring folk singer Claude (played by musician Claude Gauthier) hails from St-Irénée, a small fishing and logging village on the St. Lawrence River. When he decides to try his luck in the big city, he leaves behind his girlfriend Denyse (Denise Bombardier) and his hometown to make his way to Montreal, where he shows up on brother's doorstep, guitar case in hand. Initially moving from job to job — in a slaughterhouse, as a garbage-man, a construction worker and an elevator operator at a music store — Claude eventually becomes a successful musician. But when he decides to return home after a failed romance and his burgeoning fame leave him disillusioned, he arrives back only to realize too late the value of what he left behind. BETWEEN SWEET AND SALT WATER was restored by Éléphant: The Memory of Quebec Cinema. DIR/SCR Michel Brault; SCR Denys Arcand, Marcel Dubé, Gérald Godin, Claude Jutra; PROD Pierre Patry. Canada, 1967, b&w, 85 min. In French with English subtitles. NOT RATED

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Michel Brault's career as a director and cinematographer spanned more than five decades, in which he pioneered the handheld camera techniques taken up by the exponents of Cinéma vérité and Direct Cinema. After working as chief camera operator on Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin's canonical CHRONICLE OF A SUMMER (1960), Brault continued to direct documentaries and work as cinematographer, before turning to fiction with his narrative debut BETWEEN SWEET AND SALT WATER (1967). Among his other films as director are LES ORDRES (1974), which was awarded the prize for Best Director at the 1975 Cannes Film Festival, and his final feature, THE LONG WINTER (1999).

"An important film that carries within it the seeds of the 'pollination' of fiction by real life." – Gilles Marsolais

85 Minutes


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