Ingmar Bergman's second English-language production follows a week in the life of Abel Rosenberg (David Carradine), an out-of-work American circus acrobat living in poverty-stricken Berlin following Germany's defeat in World War I. When his brother Max commits suicide, Abel seeks refuge in the apartment of professor Vergérus (Heinz Bennent), an old acquaintance. Desperate to make ends meet in the war-ravaged city, Abel and his now-widowed sister-in-law, Manuela (Liv Ullmann), take jobs in Vergérus' clinic, where they discover the horrific truth behind the work of the strangely beneficent professor, and unlock the chilling mystery that drove Max to suicide. (Note adapted from the Ingmar Bergman Foundation.) DIR/SCR Ingmar Bergman; PROD Dino De Laurentiis. U.S./West Germany, 1977, color, 119 min. In English and German with English subtitles. RATED R

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119 Minutes
Mystery thriller


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