TOUCH, THE (1971)

Ingmar Bergman's first English-language feature stars Bibi Andersson as Karin Vergerus, a Swedish housewife trapped in a stable but somewhat unsatisfying marriage to a small-town surgeon (Max von Sydow). When the lively, engaging Jewish-American archaeologist David Kovac (Elliott Gould) enters the picture, Karin gives in to her attraction and begins an affair. But Karin's new relationship turns out to be less fulfilling than she had hoped, and she is torn between staying with David and returning home to her husband and children. (Note adapted from the Ingmar Bergman Foundation.) DIR/SCR/PROD Ingmar Bergman; PROD Lars-Owe Carlberg. U.S./Sweden, 1971, color, 115 min. In English. RATED R

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115 Minutes

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