As comptroller and treasurer, Rita Crundwell embezzled $53.7 million of her city's money and went undetected for more than twenty years. All the while, the city of Dixon struggled to meet its debt obligations, forcing it to make painful service cuts and layoffs, and to forgo raises for its municipal employees for more than a decade. Crundwell's crime marked the single largest municipal fraud in United States history. This riveting story recounts the callously calculated theft from the city's budget by a native and pillar of the community who, to add insult to injury, frivolously squandered the much-needed capital. Her motivations may well remain a mystery, but ALL THE QUEEN'S HORSES is not so much about the why; it's about the how. How could the treasurer of an Illinois town with an annual budget of $6–$8 million embezzle nearly $54 million over two decades? How could such a scam go undetected in annual audits by two independent accounting firms and in annual audit reviews by state regulators? How did local residents not become suspicious of Crundwell's extravagant wealth? And how will the suffering city rebuild and recover? DIR/SCR/PROD Kelly Richmond Pope; PROD Lesley Kubistal. U.S., 2017, color, 71 min. NOT RATED

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71 Minutes


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