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EL DORADO (1967)

Newly arrived in El Dorado, gunfighter John Wayne discovers his old friend Robert Mitchum is now the sheriff in town. Wayne has come to work for a cattle baron (Edward Asner), but sours on the job after he's asked to run a family off their land. Gravely wounded after a scrape with the clan, Wayne heads back to El Dorado to aid Mitchum, who, brokenhearted since being jilted by his showgirl lady friend, has become "a tin star with a drunk pinned on it." Great comedic chemistry between Wayne and Mitchum enlivens Howard Hawks' late-career capper, which borrows heavily from his still-recent RIO BRAVO (screenwriter Leigh Brackett jokingly called it "THE SON OF RIO BRAVO RIDES AGAIN"). With James Caan, Arthur Hunnicutt and Charlene Holt. DIR/PROD Howard Hawks; SCR Leigh Brackett, from the novel "The Stars in Their Courses" by Harry Brown. U.S., 1967, color, 126 min. NOT RATED

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126 Minutes

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