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2K Restoration; 75th Anniversary

Prague, 1942. Following the assassination of Nazi "Reich Protector" Heydrich, Masha Novotny, a professor's daughter, hides the culprit in her parents' apartment. When the Gestapo take 400 people hostage in retaliation, Masha's father is among those arrested. The assassin, surgeon Dr. Svoboda, manages to escape. As they search for him, the Gestapo also train their sights on Masha. While hostages are being executed daily, she helps Svoboda in his efforts to blame the assassination on a collaborator and save her father's life. (Note courtesy of Cohen Film Collection.) DIR/SCR/PROD Fritz Lang; SCR John Wexley, from a story by Bertolt Brecht and Lang; PROD Arnold Pressburger. U.S., 1943, b&w, 134 min. In English. NOT RATED

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134 Minutes
Film noir


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