ICEMAN (2017)

Filmed amid the stunning Alpine beauty of Bavaria (Germany), south Tyrol (Italy) and Carinthia (Austria) and based on the imagined final days of Ötzi the Iceman, the oldest natural mummy of the Copper Age, ICEMAN may be the first Neolithic revenge Western. More than 5,300 years ago, Kelab (Jürgen Vogel) returns from a hunting trip to find his family murdered, his home burned and his holy amulet stolen. He sets out through the freezing mountains to wreak vengeance on the killers, and the result is mankind's first unsolved murder case. The dialogue is entirely in an early version of Rhaetian, a now-extinct language spoken in the eastern Alps in pre-Roman and Roman times. No translation is required to grasp the essence of this ancient tale. Official Selection, 2017 Locarno and Hamburg film festivals. DIR/SCR Felix Randau; PROD Jan Krüger, Andreas Pichler. Germany/Italy/Austria, 2017, color, 97 min. In Rhaetian. NOT RATED

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97 Minutes

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