4K restoration

Armed with two stolen NATO nuclear warheads, SPECTRE holds the UK and U.S. hostage, threatening to blow up a major city if their ransom demand for £100M in uncut diamonds is not met. Sean Connery's James Bond follows the trail to the Bahamas and SPECTRE operative Emilio Largo, an eyepatch-sporting black marketeer. Noted for its extensive underwater photography and action scenes, futuristic vehicles (jet pack! mini-submarine! hydrofoil!) and the former Miss France Claudine Auger as the dangerously beautiful Domino, the fourth Bond film remains the franchise's biggest hit to date. DIR Terence Young; SCR Richard Maibaum, John Hopkins, Jack Whittingham, from the novel by Ian Fleming; PROD Kevin McClory, Albert R. Broccoli, Harry Saltzman. UK, 1965, color, 130 min. NOT RATED

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Terence Young
130 Minutes
Action adventure


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