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Los Angeles, 2019, is a squalid, sprawling metropolis, overdeveloped and overpopulated. Harrison Ford is Rick Deckard, a detective on the "blade runner" unit, charged with hunting down and "retiring" replicants, humanlike androids created to toil on off-world colonies. His latest assignment: six Nexus 6 models who have mutinied and returned to Earth to take action against their creators at the Tyrell Corporation. Ford is superb as the existentially weary Deckard, as is Rutger Hauer as the charismatic leader of the replicants, Daryl Hannah as tempestuous replicant Pris and Sean Young as a Tyrell Corporation secretary who's both more and less than she seems. DIR Ridley Scott; SCR Hampton Fancher, David Webb Peoples, from the story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick; PROD Michael Deeley. U.S., 1982/2007, color, 117 min. RATED R

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Ridley Scott
117 Minutes
Science Fiction