David O. Russell's acidic action comedy, centered on a gold heist in the waning days of the Gulf War, has only grown in stature since its 1999 release — and the intervening, much longer U.S. incursion into the Gulf that began in 2003. Spring of 1991: Having removed a treasure map from an Iraqi POW in Kuwait, a motley crew of Army personnel — Maj. Archie Gates (George Clooney), Sgt. 1st Class Troy Barlow (Mark Wahlberg), Staff Sgt. Chief Elgin (Ice Cube), and Pvt. 1st Class Conrad Vig (Spike Jonze) — use the momentary disruption of Saddam Hussein's authority to breeze into Iraq and collect a secret stash of gold bullion. But getting out with the gold proves not to be so simple. With Cliff Curtis, Nora Dunn, Judy Greer and Alia Shawkat. DIR/SCR David O. Russell; PROD Paul Junger Witt, Edward L. McDonnell, Charles Roven. U.S., 1999, color, 114 min. RATED R

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David O. Russell
114 Minutes
Action comedy

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