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Silent with live musical accompaniment by the Columbia Orchestra; score by Andrew Simpson

90th anniversary!
When the Civil War breaks out, railroad engineer Buster Keaton tries to join the Confederate army to make his fiancée proud. Deeming his profession a valuable Southern asset, the army rejects him for service as a soldier — and so does she. But after Union spies steal his beloved locomotive (and his girl along with it), Keaton springs into daring action. Keaton's deadpan drollery, pitch-perfect comedic timing and his incredible physical talent and bravery make this one of the greatest silent-era comedies. DIR/SCR/PROD Buster Keaton; DIR/SCR Clyde Bruckman; PROD Joseph M. Schenck. U.S., 1926, b&w, 75 min, 35mm. NOT RATED

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About the Columbia Orchestra
Founded in 1977, the Columbia Orchestra is a full symphony orchestra that rehearses and performs primarily in Howard County, Maryland. The orchestra performs four classical concerts each year, plus a Young People's Concert, Symphonic Pops Concert, three chamber concerts and a host of community performances. More info here.

Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman
75 Minutes
Action comedy

GENERAL, THE (1926) Showtimes

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