Q&A with actor Lalor Roddy

From the producers of SING STREET and ONCE, playwright Carmel Winters' rousing tale of filial love and personal freedom about the fortunes of a young Irish Traveller with a gift for pugilism won the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and the Audience Award at the 2018 Cork Film Festival. Encouraged from a tender age by her father's affection for Muhammad Ali, Frances (Hazel Doupe, MICHAEL INSIDE) has the fire and discipline to be a great fighter — if only people could see past their narrow notions regarding her gender. Frances was still little when her mother died and her father, Michael (Dara Devaney), was incarcerated. When Michael is released years later, he decides to pack up the caravan, take the kids and go a-roaming. Frances is by now a feisty adolescent ready to prove her grit in any ring that will take her, but along with Michael's troubling penchant for drink come old-fashioned macho attitudes, such as the idea that boys should fight while girls are best off wedded and pregnant. Various altercations on the road as well as a ripe old grudge with a bigoted police officer provide Frances with opportunity to prove her abilities. But will the otherwise loving Michael's sexist views allow her to shine? (Note adapted from Toronto International Film Festival.) DIR/SCR Carmel Winters; PROD David Collins, Martina Niland. Ireland, 2018, color, 101 min. NOT RATED

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101 Minutes


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