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95th Anniversary; silent with live musical accompaniment by Andrew Simpson

Tickets $8 for children 12 and under
"Literally a magic carpet ride of effects and stunts. It's so imaginative and extraordinary." –Kevin Brownlow. Douglas Fairbanks' magnum opus! As a wily thief in the bazaar, Fairbanks contents himself with taking what he wants, but after infiltrating the palace and meeting the Princess, he's inspired to earn her hand and his happiness, and compete with her other princely suitors in a fantastic scavenger hunt. The extravagant art nouveau sets were designed by William Cameron Menzies, making a legendary screen debut. The special effects still amaze — memorable set pieces include the magic rope, flying carpet, caverns of fire, a menagerie of monsters and a flying horse. Anna May Wong steals her scenes as a slave girl sent to spy by Mongol prince Sojin Kamiyama. "On the one hand, THIEF is the movie you want to see as a kid, when its wonderful special effects can work their best magic. On the other hand, its magnificent design, its sophisticated sense of Arabian Nights fantasies and its tongue-in-cheek star may be best appreciated by adults. In other words, it's a film for all ages and for all decades." – Jeanine Basinger. DIR/SCR/PROD Raoul Walsh; SCR Achmed Abdullah, Lotta Woods, from "One Thousand and One Nights." U.S., 1924, tinted and toned b&w, 155 min. NOT RATED

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Raoul Walsh
155 Minutes
Adventure fantasy

THIEF OF BAGDAD, THE (1924) Showtimes

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