Ken Adam won the Oscar® for Best Art Direction for Stanley Kubrick's painstaking evocation of 18th-century life, featuring sumptuous palace rooms and nighttime scenes illuminated only by candlelight. 1970s heartthrob Ryan O'Neal gives one of his best performances as callow striver Redmond Barry, a reluctant conscript in the British army after leaving his Irish home in disgrace. On the frontlines on the Continent, events lead first to Barry's desertion, then his re-enlistment on the victorious Prussian side; he continues to try his luck in a series of palace intrigues, high-stakes gambling and the strategic seduction of noblewoman Marisa Berenson. Adam's Oscar® was one of four won by the film, along with Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design and Best Music. DIR/SCR/PROD Stanley Kubrick, from the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray. U.S./UK, 1975, color, 184 min plus one 10-min intermission. RATED PG

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Stanley Kubrick
194 Minutes
Adventure, drama


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