AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center Series & Events

Feb 20-Apr 24. Luckily, 2016 wasn't all bad. It was a prolific and varied year both for independent cinema and studio mega-blockbusters. So much so, in fact, that we couldn't fit everything in. Our programmers... READ MORE

Mar 4-Apr 27. The iconoclastic Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar may have made his reputation as an enfant terrible, but his contributions to world cinema now place him in the category of grand master. His early...READ MORE

Mar 14-26. AFI Silver is proud to host screenings in the 2017 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital. Since launching in 1993, the festival has pioneered a movement to advance environmental...READ MORE

Mar 10-Apr 23. He's Spartacus! And Colonel Dax. And Whit Sterling, Midge Kelly, Chuck Tatum and Jonathan Shields. And Vincent van Gogh and Doc Holliday and Einar the Viking, too. The indomitable Kirk Douglas recently..READ MORE

Mar 4-Apr 25. All shows $5 for children under 12! The Jim Henson Company's beloved Muppets continue to delight audiences of all ages, while the fantasy worlds of THE DARK CRYSTAL and LABYRINTH enjoy passionate and...READ MORE

An ongoing slate of limited engagements, updated weekly.

Mar 24-Apr 20. With the advent of sound, Hollywood quickly prioritized comedians who could talk over the sublime pantomime and sight gags of the silent clowns. Enter a team of brothers who, starting in their teens...READ MORE